Welcome to the TravelBloggers.on.WordPress Blog!

This is a blog initially created as a follow-up to the CommonsSupportForum of the Blogging201 challenge 2014. But TravelBloggers on WordPress who didn’t participate in the Blogging201 class are equally welcome.

You can use this site to connect with other TravelBloggers and discuss all questions related to your TravelBlog and traveling in general.
Just write a post with your questions and remarks and publish it. The other users are then able to comment on it. You might also (re)publish your regular posts here, either in order to ask advice about it or to provide us with tips about travel destinations or accomodation. Please try to tag your posts thoughtfully and classify them into the suitable categories (as far as this is possible), so that other users may find related subjects easily.

This site is set up as a private blog. That means, nobody than invited users can read this blog or publish anything on it. If you are an invited user, follow this blog, and every post will automatically appear in your reader. This may be an easy way to keep in touch.

And – this blog is still work in progress. Any suggestions regarding the appearance and format of this site are welcome.
We hope it can be as helpful as the Commons were.

11 thoughts on “Welcome to the TravelBloggers.on.WordPress Blog!

    • Hi Sanchia, might you follow this link and read it? http://en.support.wordpress.com/user-roles/#editor
      I am absolutely fine with anyone approving their own comments, the problem that I have with making everybody an editor is that editors can not only manage their own posts, but also “edit and delete ANY post (not just their own)”. That means that every member ( think especially if we want to enlarge our circle) would be able to mess around with any other member’s posts and all the settings of the blog. And I can’t “upgrade” only you, if I make you editor, I have to make all members editors. I definitely don’t see myself as a leader of this blog or something, for me this is a collective. But WordPress itself recommends to be very careful with the user roles. My user role at the moment is administrator, which I see only as an organizer, all our decisions about the purpose and look of our blog should be made as a collective. I wish you could approve your own comments as an author, but I really feel very uncomfortable with the thought that everybody could make changes to everybody else’s posts. What do you mean? You can make a post about this on our blog if you like. But I want others to understand what the consequences are if everybody is an editor, especially if our circle grows.


  1. Thanks to KleesButterfly for inviting me into the community. I’m super excited to contribute and looking forward to interacting with the group. Not sure exactly what’s expected of me quite yet… but it certainly looks like ideas are bubbling and initiatives are underway.


    • Hi Quan, welcome to our community! yes, we are in the middle of a brainstorming process. Our blog is only about 10 days old, and we are still figuring things out. Our blog is private now, but we are planning to go public soon. I will write a new post today or tomorrow to present some new ideas. If you like, participate in our brainstorming process!


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