Do you miss the assignments?

I think I can help.
We are now 7 authors in our collective, 3 other TravelBloggers wanted to join us, I’m waiting for them to accept the invitation.
I think it would be a good thing if we could enlarge our circle even more.

A vision for our community could be that we not only help each other with setting up an appealing blog and promoting it, but also give advice and tips on how to find good and reasonably priced accommodation, what the hidden must-sees are in a travel destination and so forth. We could benefit from each other’s travel experiences.
As we are a private blog, people can’t find us on their own, we have to invite them. (We can later discuss if it’s better to stay private or not).

So if you feel like doing more assignments, try to find other TravelBloggers who could be interested in joining us. Maybe you have already commented on someone’s blog several times or you have had any other kind of contact with them and you know his or her blog would fit in here, then go and ask them if they are interested in joining us.
All I need is either their email address or their wordpress username to send them an invitation. If they prefer to give their username, I’ve learned that the wordpress username is not the name of your blog and not necessarily the name next to your Gravatar. You’ll find your wordpress username in Dashboard->Users->All Users. In this table you can see what your username is.

It would be nice to see our little community grow, what do you mean?

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