Hello from Canada!

Firstly, thank you to KleesButterfly for taking the initiative to run with the fab idea of setting up a Commons for us Travel Bloggers and what a great page this already is!

Like most of you I have thoroughly enjoyed the past two weeks working on the challenges from the Blogging 201 workshop. I have somewhat forgotten that I have an actual real life to take care of, so we are slowly getting back to normal in our household.

I look forward to contributing to what hopefully will be a supportive and inspiring forum for us all.


2 thoughts on “Hello from Canada!

  1. I’ve just realized there is no like button in this theme. Or do you see one? What a pity, but maybe we have to ……ah, I’ve seen the like button, you have first to click on the comment box, then there is a like button. 🙂 This theme is new for me 🙂


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