Idea for community event.

Hi everybody!

I mentioned in a comment an idea for a community event, but wanted to get feedback from the rest of you. It would involve being public though…

Basically, as we are a growing community of travels, that,Mugabe noticed come from all around the world and write about various topics, what about,for one or two weeks, somebody writes a post each day about a different area of the world, every writer doing one or two days. This means that, in one or two weeks we will have collectively covered the entire world!

What do you think??


4 thoughts on “Idea for community event.

  1. Hi Elliot, I love that you are taking the initiative! But first, we really should discuss if we want to go public, maybe you could do a post about it and others could comment on it? I think that I am more in favor of going public than against it, but – I definitely need a co-administrator then.


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