Going Public

So, what we have here’s pretty good, right?
A decent sized community of globe trotters, hitchhikers and nomads. But it’s time to ask ourselves an important question about the future.

I know you’re all tired, having completed 201/101 or just plain bored. But, I feel we need to address wether or not to go public with the blog, turning it into a magazine or something of that nature.

Of course, there are positives and negatives to both sides. We’re writers at our hearts as well as explorers, so that must mean we want our bits and bobs and ramblings to be heard…right? It could potentially open us up to many opportunities, and I feel that this community has real potential!

Yet, I appreciate and respect the fact that. Many of you are a bit shy,there’s nothing wrong with that. You’d appreciate being left alone in our little group, not having to worry about anyone you don’t want to reading your stuff. Of course, this blog is a complete democracy. I’m just the one pitching the ideal having talked to KleesButterfly about it.

What do you guys think?


11 thoughts on “Going Public

  1. I just wanted to add that I’m in favor of going public. I think it will be still possible to discuss questions about our blogs in the Commons section (see menu above).
    But there are two things we should talk about before: First is: which user role will we contribute to new followers (should they just view the site as followers or should they contribute as authors). Here is an important link from the wordpress support pages about user roles: http://en.support.wordpress.com/user-roles/
    The second thing is: Until now, there is one administrator (that’s me) and 13 authors. If we go public, we must have at least one other administrator, because I don’t have the time to do this alone (we don’t have to invite people any more, but someone has to have an eye on the blog, for example to establish or refine new categories, to address questions and so on).
    These are things we should discuss before we go public.


  2. I like the idea of going public, as I think this is a great way of bringing this group to the attention of other like minded bloggers; and if we need support, feedback, ideas etc there is always our Commons area, as KleesButterfly pointed out in her reply.
    I also agree that one Admin will not be enough if we go public, and as much as I would love to put myself forward, I am not sure I would be able to give it the time it would need, my full time job is just getting very busy with some possibilities of overseas travel. Perhaps others have a little more time to help out?
    As for the user roles for new followers, I think we could just let them be followers and if need new authors or guest authors, we could always put a call out via this blog and them add them to our blogroll.
    I like the idea of each of us writing a post for this blog, and I feel that it should be fairly left open to the relevant author as to content, as long as it is travel related. It could be a post about your favourite part of the world you have visited and why it is so special to you; a post about a packing nightmare as you got ready for your trip; some helpful tips on travel etc etc. We have a great variety of people on this blog and I am sure each one of us would be able to contribute one article. It wouldn’t have to be one a day to start with, we could have a rosta for say a weekly article to start with and see how that goes?


  3. Oh my God, one article a week? 🙂 I don’t even get around to write that often for my own blog. Maybe we could repost our posts here on this site, if they are suitable. But if other people have more time to do it, that’s great! So I think it’s agreed that we will go public (if anyone is against it, please comment here).
    I think the main question now is: Are the existing members of this blog (that means us) going to be a kind of an editorial staff for this blog, that means, are we doing a sort of magazine for others? This sounds nice, but I am afraid this will be a lot of work. I have already said that I want at least one other administrator, maybe I have to address the members directly. I don’t want to go public with me being the only one.
    And I think we should right from the start try to involve new followers as authors or contributors, here again the link about the user roles http://en.support.wordpress.com/user-roles/. Otherwise it will be way to much work for us to produce constantly new posts.


  4. I definitely wouldn’t have the time to post an article a week here all while maintaining the other things going on, but I think if there were some kind of rotation…it could work. I have to agree with “Justanotherdayintheworld” that I don’t want to commit to anything I can’t fulfill…and I do have lots going on, so this would mean that I couldn’t volunteer myself for an admin role. I am sorry!
    I’d also support the idea of going public, and think having more contributors than authors would allow for some great content. This of course would require admin approving them, so the question of support comes in again…


  5. If this blog is going public and wanting followers to contribute articles, I think there needs to be some terms & conditions spelt out regarding the content that is uploaded.

    Off the top of my head, each author should bare sole responsibility for compliance with copyright and their local jurisdiction’s laws on slander, libel, defamation etc. within the articles they add to the site. (Some folk still believe because a search engine shows and picture on an image search, that picture is free to use elsewhere for example.)

    As we’re a global group, I’m not sure which legal jurisdiction would have a claim, so I’d suggest each author look to their own and comply with that.

    Also if a “Report a Copyright Concern” form could be added somewhere so people would have a mechanism to contact the admins if they think they can stake a claim on some content.

    Also, if admins do receive a reported copyright infringement can I suggest they make that post private whilst the matter is looked into. The decision of the admins must be final.


    • Hi Al, you are probably right with all your suggestions. We have started this site as a follow up of the Blogging 201 class here on wordpress, just one week ago. I am the Admin (I have a CoAdmin now), and I must say that I am starting to feel completely overwhelmed with all that is to do on such a site. I must say, I’ve underestimated that at the beginning. Like the others, I have an additonal real life and my own blog to care for. And I don’t even have copyright rules on my own blog. As you recommended that, could you try to write something about it. First you should post it in the Commons for the others to read. Then we could place one, two sentences about copyright issues in the sidebar. I have never dealed with copyright issues, so I don’t know how the legal proceedings are.


      • It doesn’t need to be anything overly wordy.

        I’m not a lawyer, so this must not be construed as professional legal advice in any jurisdiction.

        Just something along the lines of

        “By publishing content here, you warrant that you hold the necessary rights to all components of the work including, but not limited to; text, graphics, photographs, audio or video. As the author you are solely responsible for ensuring copyright compliance of any and all content you publish here.”

        Although thinking about it, we’re all using WordPress.com accounts. Maybe their terms of service already cover that?


        • I have never seen something like that on a wordpress blog. So I think the terms of service of wordpress apply here. Some bloggers do have some sentences about copyright in their sidebar, especially if they are photographers. At the moment we are trying to redesign this blog. There will be a copyright paragraph somewhere.


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