Hello there travel bloggers, some useful hints to get you started! :)


      First of all I would like to say I absolutely love the idea. Sharing your thoughts on places you have visited as well as having a bit of support from this group is amazing and can boost your confidence as a blogger, and as a traveler.

    The initiative of covering the world by writing about different places all around is fantastic, however writing a full post of tips and tricks, and travel advises, and places to see, and thing to do, and…. and… can be slightly frustrating. Especially when you have invested good couple of hours on composing your article and you don’t really get the right feedback, or don’t get any at all (been there, done that).

     One of the ways to cover both goals: to rise curiosity about your blog (traffic) and still somehow blog about traveling is to participate in Weekly photo challenge from WordPress. Each week WordPress posts certain topic, they publish challenge topic each Friday and you have a week time to post your visual interpretation of it. Most of the people are very visual, so interesting photos and highlights of your trip will most definitely grab their attention. Don’t forget to tag it with #postaday, #weekly photo challenge and #travel photos.

      I hope this somehow helped and I am looking forward to seeing your photos. This weeks topic is: SPRING!

      I have just posted my photo challenge post and you can take a look just to see one of the ways how it is done. I also used gallery view to give my photos beautiful arrangement. It also helps to focus your reader’s attention instead of scrolling down in the feed of endless photos.

     If you got inspired and posted pictures for this photo challenge – pop your link below, we would love to check it out!

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3 thoughts on “Hello there travel bloggers, some useful hints to get you started! :)

  1. I do post travel pictures in the Weekly Photo Challenge (but I skipped this week). It is definitely amazing how many people are attracted to your blog through those pics.
    I just have a lot of things to do at the moment (real life things), and I don’t get around to posting. So next week maybe I’ll participate again.


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