Greetings from Northeast England

Carter's Country LogoHi there,

I’m a little late to the party and like others here I thought I’d best introduce myself.

I’m Alasdair and write about Heritage & Cultural Toursim primarily in here in the Northeast of England, but anywhere I find myself ending up really. I blog occasionally on the site Carter’s Country on subjects as diverse as the Bishop Of Durham’s former official residence to a famous serial killer from Victorian times. (I also have Open Jotter)

Geographically I’m a three and half hour train ride north of London which is pretty much ideal. The beautiful Lake District is an hour and a half drive away, as is the border with Scotland. We have the fantastic county of Northumberland and hour away, full of castles and cross border fighting from history with the Picts and of course Hadrian’s Wall, the great barrier that tried and failed to keep the Picts out.

I haven’t seen a roll-call here of who is from where yet, so if anyone has any questions about my part of the world please feel free to ask via the comments section.

8 thoughts on “Greetings from Northeast England

      • Ok, because we are a site for TravelBloggers on wordpress, we’ll indicate your wordpress blog.
        But I have another question: As I took a look at your self-hosted blog, I was wondering if you are in the tourism industry. You seem to advertise a special region there.
        In this case I have to mention that we are not a site for commercial purposes. We want private travel bloggers to connect. The Admins would delete any content that is related to advertising.


        • Hi there. No I’m not in the tourism industry. I self-hosted because I wanted some features not available here. I make no money off that site as it’s just a hobby. Kind of a compliment you thought it was professional though. 🙂


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