Challenges with publicize

Hi Community,

I wondered if anyone has any experience troubleshooting with the publicize tool.  I linked up to my twitter account but it has only automatically tweeted out once.  I have tried disconnecting and reinstalling the app but with no luck.  This morning I had hoped my tweet would go out at 7am BST but it did not.

I have read that a scheduled post only publishes when someone looks at the site but the link to twitter should still go out regardless. Has anyone else had this challenge?  It is a great tool so you can schedule posts to publish when you are not around but I only managed to get it to send the tweet once.  Any thoughts.

Thanks in advance.

3 thoughts on “Challenges with publicize

  1. I just can say that I don’t use the publicize tool any more. I once experienced that it didn’t publish my posts on Facebook, although I had activated the publicize option for this purpose. And I have heard a lot of complaints about the publicize tool going around.
    Sorry that I couldn’t help more 🙂


  2. I have the opposite, I had originally linked my Facebook page and my twitter to the blog and then realized that in order for people to find my blog through twitter I obviously need to include #’s. So I uncheck the twitter option in publicize, and instead of just publishing my blog post to my Facebook page it also puts it on twitter! Very annoying, thinking of removing my twitter connection so that I can stop this.


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