I just wanted to give you an update on our blog TravelBloggers.on.Wordpress.
I’ve been working on the website for a couple of days, it will be finished soon. Our opening day (the day when we are going public) will probably be this Sunday, May 18th (I am just waiting for Elliot to confirm). It would be great if you could spend some time on the blog on Sunday, maybe even post something or comment.

As a new feature, I have set up a slider on our front page.
We will change the photographs every two weeks. All users can send in their pictures and we will choose from them to display 6 in a slideshow (with a link to the photographer’s blog).
I hope that it is ok for you that I will take my pictures and Elliot’s for the slider for the first two weeks (eventually we did all the work).
But I will soon do a post about this Featured Images challenge.

I will confirm the date for opening.
So, I hope to see you on Sunday.

9 thoughts on “Update

  1. Brilliant Klees. Love it. Just had an idea – do you think a curatorial section or list might be useful? What I mean here is links to other travel blogs, ideas and features to inspire and give the community ideas. A bit like a blog-roll


    • The Twenty Fourteen theme has a special feature, called Contributor Page. It’s the item Authors in the menu bar. Everyone who is an author and posts on this blog, is automatically added to this blogroll. You’re already on it. Then we have under the menu item About Travel Blogging a section called Introducing outstanding TravelBlogs. There everyone can introduce a TravelBlog that struck you. If all this in not enough, we still can add another blogroll along the road. I just have to finish what we have now until Sunday. Hope you can spend some time on the blog on opening day 🙂


    • I haven’t finished the website yet. I still have to fill in some pages, above all the How to use this blog pages. There is an item featurd images, we will explain there how it works. Just be patient with me until Sunday 🙂


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