Legian Beach, Bali, Indonesia

This is a beautiful photograph of Legian Beach in Bali, Indonesia, taken by our author Cherrie from Deliciously Doing Nothing.

Her blog’s name, which is a loose translation of a Dutch phrase ‘Lekker niks doen’, seems like a promise and means in Cherrie’s words

…to enjoy the moment when you (seemingly) do nothing: be there, observe, absorb, hear the sounds, smell the air, touch the ground, taste the water.  Get the sensory essence and soul of the place.

Her blog is about the travels of her little family that consists of her, her husband and a daughter.
She describes them as

a family of introverts with a passion for travelling.

On her blog, she emphasizes on family travel throughout her daughter’s  different stages of age.

Thank you Cherrie for sharing this wonderful picture with us!


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