Mt. Wellington, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

This is a lookout on Mt. Wellington in Hobart, on the Australian island Tasmania.

The beautiful photo was sent in by Carol Sherritt from The Eternal Traveler. It is part of a post about the very important subject (no irony!) of loos while traveling. You can read more about it here.

Going to the bathroom has never been better!

Carol Sherritt, aka The Eternal Traveler, is a teacher, quilt maker and grower of roses, with a passion for travel in Australia and around the world. She and her husband prefer to spend several days in one place, exploring both well-known and off the beaten track locations. On her blog The Eternal Traveler,  Carol shares her travel stories and photographs.

We’re either remembering past journeys, recording current ones or planning for the next one,

that’s what makes her and her husband  eternal travelers.


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