Facebook Page – What’s your take on it?

During a WordPress course about branding and growth, I set up a Facebook Page for my KleesButterfly Travel Blog.

But I have to admit, since then it has fallen into oblivion. I just wanted to fine-tune my blog first, before reaching out to further spheres. And the prospects of having to care for another site scared me off a little.

On the other hand, I think there is a necessity to provide a way to follow your blog for those who are not on WordPress. Sure, there are those RSS and Follow-my-blog-via-email options, but I never use them myself when I want to follow a blog.
I don’t want my email account to be spammed with all those new-post notifications, and to follow an RSS feed requires the active part of looking it up regularly, and I’m always forgetting about that anyway.

So I’m thinking now about breathing new life to my Facebook page to promote my blog outside the WordPress universe. But I’m not so sure about how much time I should spend on that, and what content I may post there.

What’s your take on that? Do you have a Facebook page for your blog that you update regularly?
Do you just use it to publish your WordPress posts there by applying the Publicize option, or do you post some original content different from your articles here?

And has your Facebook page increased the traffic on your blog?

Tell me about your experiences, I’d be pleased to hear about it.

7 thoughts on “Facebook Page – What’s your take on it?

  1. I created a Facebook page mainly so that my friends who didn’t have WordPress could also follow my blog. I’ve joined a Facebook group that is quite active, so I’m able to share my page (and my blog) on that, which has really increased the number of views I get on certain posts.

    I mainly just publish blog posts on my Facebook page, but I do also occasionally share a photo or interesting link that I’ve found. Would love to hear what everyone else is doing!


    • I also started a Facebook page for my blog (from blogging 201) but I don’t think it has increased traffic that much so far. I use the publicise feature from wordpress and add other bits as I feel like it. It is hard knowing how much to put on it as I also have a personal page with many similar friends so I don’t want to bombard them with content. My blog is more of a personal random sort of thing so that might make a difference. It’s an interesting discussion point! I have visited liked your Facebook page by the way 🙂


    • One of my problem with all of these social media appearances is, that I want to separate my private me from my blog me. So I have my private Facebook profile and have now created a FB page for my blog.
      What kind of group have you joined, a travel-related group? I don’t know if it’s possible to join a group only via one’s FB page without revealing one’s FB profile.I have to take a look at that.
      It’s the same with Google+.Yesterday I’ve created a Google+ Page (this is possible there too). But it’s even more complicated to separate one’s personal Google+ profile from one’s Google Page.
      But I think it’s important to give people outside of WordPress an opportunity to follow one’s blog.


  2. Thanks Debz for visiting my page!

    Like both of you, I wanted to separate my personal FB page from my blog page so my friends weren’t bombarded with my posts, and it is difficult to keep them separate.

    KleesButterfly – I’ve joined a food blogging group – Sydney Food Bloggers, as most of my posts are food-related. I’m not sure if you are able to join groups with just your FB page. I joined this group under my personal page, so whenever I share posts, it’s under my name.


    • Thanks for your information, I will have a look if I can find groups with my Page or my personal profile.
      I don’t know if this is totally old-fashioned, but I still have a sense of privacy and I don’t want really everybody to know what I’m doing. 🙂


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