Looe, Cornwall, UK

This beautiful photograph was submitted by Elliot from ThatElliot.

Elliot is a 16-year-old aspiring writer from England, and student of English Literature and Drama. Additionally, he is a co-administrator at TravelBloggers.on.WordPress.

On his blog, he publishes his short stories and thoughts, and tells us about his summer project: hiking the Camino Way, an ancient pilgrimage route in Spain. The hike is for charity, so check out Elliot’s charity page here.

Elliot says about his photograph:

A black sky threatened to unleash a heavy downpour on us as I crossed the old, crumbling bridge connecting the two parts of the coastal town of Looe together.
Whilst  crossing I was struck by the varying colours as well as the blue sea turning into grey.
Like many coastal towns Looe features many bright houses, the most prominent in this particular snapshot into traditional England is the yellows and blues seen on many of the houses that, as a result of erosion, are left hanging over the edge of the surrounding hills.




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