Beach in Cullera, Spain.

This old-school postcard-style photograph was sent in by Anuja from My_Endeavors. It shows a beach in Cullera near Valencia in Spain.
Anuja is a 21-year-old college student from the Bay Area near San Francisco (USA).

She spent May-June of this summer studying in Valencia, Spain and loved every minute of it.
She was working on finishing off her Major in Spanish Literature and Culture.

Anuja just recently started her blog My_Endeavors to share pictures of places she has been to, her personal fictional creations such as short stories and poetry, and her opinions on books.

She says about the picture:

This photo depicts the view from the balcony of my host family’s beach house. The day was perfect: the seawater as blue as I had ever seen it and the sky smothered with puffy, lively clouds that only illuminated the gorgeous mountains down below. It was the ideal setting.

Note from the editor: What struck me most when I first saw Anuja’s photo was the somewhat retro style of it. It reminded me of the old, half-faded picture postcards that my parents got from their traveling friends.  Looking at it was like a way back memory lane.

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