Ottoman cemetery, Bitola, Macedonia.

Most avid travelers have visited quite a few cemeteries, either famous ones like the Père Lachaise in Paris, or small hidden graveyards in the old parts of a city.

Andreas aka The Happy Hermit came across a very special one during his stay in the city of Bitola, Macedonia.

It looks just like a beautiful cornfield with the perfect clouds, but it is actually an old Ottoman (Turkish) cemetery. It hasn’t been used since the end of the Ottoman Empire, and thus has laid dormant for exactly 100 years now.

You can see some of the abandoned gravestones on the right side of the hill.
Read the full story here.

Andreas is a 39-year-old traveler trying to become a travel writer. He’s originally from Germany, but hasn’t lived there for five years. He’s moving to a different country every 6 or 12 months instead.
His CV is quite interesting, including a career in international law, and a one-week stay in an Iranian prison.

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