Vikos Gorge, Epirus, Greece.

This absolutely stunning photograph was submitted by Vasilios from Traveller’s Tree. It shows the Vikos Gorge in the region of Epirus in northern Greece.
Vikos Gorge is situated in the Pindus Mountains, and is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the deepest gorge in the world in proportion to its width.

Through the gorge runs river Voidomatis, considered to be one of the most pristine rivers of Europe.

Vasilios is based in Helsinki, Finland. He was born in Athens, Greece. He lived also in Sapporo, Japan, where he went to study Paleontology (it wasn’t the thing with the dinosaurs, was it?).
Yet most of the time he researched the city’s notorious all-you-can-drink venues (nomihodai).
And we’d like to mention at this point that his blog’s tagline dangles an in-depth cocktail analysis (along with his travel stories, of course).

Vasilios says about his blog

My blog Traveller’s Tree is about the things I mostly enjoy in life: traveling with my family, seeing the world anew through the eyes of my little daughter, exploring new places and cultures, meeting wonderful people, enjoying delicious vegetarian or vegan food, and having a ‘Dark and Stormy’, while watching the sun setting over the ocean.

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