Featured Images Event: Taking a break.

Dear travel-blogging friends,  I’ve recently had to deal with two nasty incidents that both led to my temporary absence in the blogosphere.  The first was a painful problem with joints of my cervical spine, clearly due to too much time spent in front of a computer screen.
Yet the second incident was a  classic: I spilt coffee all over my laptop and this caused it to crash. And I honestly didn’t feel like blogging from a cellphone while working on my photographs with a magnifying glass.

So, to cut a long story short: My laptop is in good health again and back home, but I have to organize my time on-screen in a more efficient way.
That’s why I’m going to suspend the Featured Images Event for a while.  Yet I’ve had a lot of fun doing it, and I’ve really enjoyed to get in touch with other TravelBloggers, so I’m not shutting it down completely. But I need a little break.

I hope to keep in touch with you, either here or on my own blog KleesButterfly.

Let’s stay connected! 🙂

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