Facebook Page – What’s your take on it?

During a WordPress course about branding and growth, I set up a Facebook Page for my KleesButterfly Travel Blog.

But I have to admit, since then it has fallen into oblivion. I just wanted to fine-tune my blog first, before reaching out to further spheres. And the prospects of having to care for another site scared me off a little.

On the other hand, I think there is a necessity to provide a way to follow your blog for those who are not on WordPress. Sure, there are those RSS and Follow-my-blog-via-email options, but I never use them myself when I want to follow a blog.
I don’t want my email account to be spammed with all those new-post notifications, and to follow an RSS feed requires the active part of looking it up regularly, and I’m always forgetting about that anyway.

So I’m thinking now about breathing new life to my Facebook page to promote my blog outside the WordPress universe. But I’m not so sure about how much time I should spend on that, and what content I may post there.

What’s your take on that? Do you have a Facebook page for your blog that you update regularly?
Do you just use it to publish your WordPress posts there by applying the Publicize option, or do you post some original content different from your articles here?

And has your Facebook page increased the traffic on your blog?

Tell me about your experiences, I’d be pleased to hear about it.

Up for Discussions – SEO for Photographers, Part 1

I’ve just stumbled upon this article about SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Usually, I don’t take notice of those articles because it’s very often accompanied by annoying advertisement. But this one is a guest post on http://leannecolephotography.com/, which is a blog that I’ve been following for a long time.
It’s really worth reading and very informative, and provides you with useful tips on how to choose your heading or how to write the first paragraph of your post in order to optimize chances that search engines will find you.
Those tips can apply to anyone, not only to professional photographers.

Challenges with publicize

Hi Community,

I wondered if anyone has any experience troubleshooting with the publicize tool.  I linked up to my twitter account but it has only automatically tweeted out once.  I have tried disconnecting and reinstalling the app but with no luck.  This morning I had hoped my tweet would go out at 7am BST but it did not.

I have read that a scheduled post only publishes when someone looks at the site but the link to twitter should still go out regardless. Has anyone else had this challenge?  It is a great tool so you can schedule posts to publish when you are not around but I only managed to get it to send the tweet once.  Any thoughts.

Thanks in advance.