Blog Rules

Before publishing your posts, please make sure to take notice of the following blog rules.

1. Commercial Use Policy:

This is a blog by travel bloggers for travel bloggers.
Commercial tourism companies or organizations are not allowed to advertise on this site or to use any content for their websites.

2. Language Policy:

Please keep your language in comments and posts civil and appropriate.

3. Posting Policy:

We are looking forward to your posts on this blog, but please keep these few rules in mind:

  • You can classify your posts into all categories, except the ‘Featured Images’ category. This is the category for our Featured Images Event. Only the administrators are entitled to use this category.
  • The same applies to tags. You can tag your posts as you like, except the tag ‘featured’ or ‘featured images’. This is a tag that only the administrators are allowed to use.

4. Self-promoting Policy:

You can add a link to your blog when you publish a post on this site.

But we are not very fond of mere ‘hi-here-is-a-link-to-my-blog/latest post’ posts, if it’s only link-dropping without any content of its own.

When you want to post a link to a useful article you found on the internet, please write a few sentences what this link is about.

When you want to publish a link to a post on your own blog, please add a short summary of the post’s content, so that other users will find it desirable to click on your link.


The administrators are entitled to delete any content that doesn’t agree with our blog rules.
In case we witness a constant and deliberate disregard of our rules, the administrators are entitled to remove an author.

Users can report any misuse of this blog by filling in the contact form below.


We are looking forward to your comments and suggestions!

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