Featured Images Event

This is the page where you get all the information about our Featured Images Event on TravelBloggers.on.WordPress.

You have certainly noticed the nifty slider on our front page.

Every two weeks, we feature 6 new photographs in our slider.
Each photograph has a caption in the lower left corner that is linked to a post on this site. In the post, you will find some information about the picture, the photographer and their blog (and a link to their blog, of course). Here you can see the first Featured Images posts.

Who can participate?

Anyone who blogs more or less frequently about anything travel related.

What kind of photographs can be submitted?

  • The photo should be travel-related.
  • Our featured images work best with pictures that are at least 2000 px wide and at least 1000 px high. Please make sure that your photographs are still clear and sharp at this size.
    What is equally important is the ratio of width to height. This should be either about 1:1 or even better 2:1, which means the pictures should be either about as wide as high or two times as wide than high.
    Those ratios work:

    1:1 ratio

    1:1 ratio

    2:1 ratio

    2:1 ratio

    The following ratio doesn’t agree with our slider. The slider would just cut the upper and lower part, and just the middle part would be left.

    1:2 ratio

    1:2 ratio

  • Our featured images have a big white bar with the caption on it in the lower left corner. This is theme-related and not changeable. So the main attraction of your submitted photo should not be in the lower left corner.

How to participate?

Send your photo(s) to the following email address with the indicated subject “Featured Images”: KleesButterfly@gmail.com

Please add some information about where this photo was taken, and write a few sentences about the photo, you and your blog.
Then we need a link either to your blog and/or the post from which this photo was taken.

Here are the next dates for our Featured Images Event: 15 June, 29 June, 13 July, 27 July, 10 August, 24 August.
We will regularly do some reminder posts about the new date.

We will choose the Featured Images based on their beauty and originality, but also due to factors such as composition, resolution and how well they agree with our slider.
So please don’t take it personally if we don’t choose your photograph, there are a lot of criteria involved.

We are looking forward to all your beautiful pictures and thank you for sending them to us!



25 thoughts on “Featured Images Event

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    • I think I know as little about technical photography stuff as you 🙂 I just looked it up in my media library and yes, the dimensions are the size. It should be around 3000 px in width and 2000 in height. It doesn’t have to be exactly the size, it’s just an estimate. The slider on our front page is a little picky, when pictures are too small, there is some space left then, that doesn’t look good. You can resize your pictures on PicMonkey.com. It’s a photo editing site. Then you can save them to your computer and see if they are still sharp and clear.


      • Yes, I use Picmonkey to edit all my photos before I use them. It’s a great site. I will have a play and see what I come up with. I noticed that the ones I have used are all about 500 by 300 because I reduce them right down to save space on WordPress, so that will give me an idea of the percentage I need to use. I’ll get back to you. Have you got many entries?


        • We will collect all entries until Saturday. Then we have to try how they agree with the slider. And Elliot wanted to place two photos, because he didn’t have time to do it last time.We have six places and if we have too many good ones, we will keep them for next time. It’s the first time we do this Featured Event Thing “officially”, so we have to see how everything works out. Maybe we’ll establish some more rules about that along the line 🙂


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