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Going Public

So, what we have here’s pretty good, right?
A decent sized community of globe trotters, hitchhikers and nomads. But it’s time to ask ourselves an important question about the future.

I know you’re all tired, having completed 201/101 or just plain bored. But, I feel we need to address wether or not to go public with the blog, turning it into a magazine or something of that nature.

Of course, there are positives and negatives to both sides. We’re writers at our hearts as well as explorers, so that must mean we want our bits and bobs and ramblings to be heard…right? It could potentially open us up to many opportunities, and I feel that this community has real potential!

Yet, I appreciate and respect the fact that. Many of you are a bit shy,there’s nothing wrong with that. You’d appreciate being left alone in our little group, not having to worry about anyone you don’t want to reading your stuff. Of course, this blog is a complete democracy. I’m just the one pitching the ideal having talked to KleesButterfly about it.

What do you guys think?