What questions do you ask yourself?

When you sit down to write that killer blog post, what questions do you ask yourself to ensure your readers remain interested?

3 thoughts on “What questions do you ask yourself?

  1. Hi Everyone, I always think about what is going to be of interest to the reader and how I can add something a little different to the other posts and information out there. How can my little post add value to the sea of information out there. This isn’t easy in our subject area. In fact it can be tricky when writing about destinations and travel as often the places have been covered a zillion times.

    I also give a lot of thought to the title. Does it reflect the post and will it capture peoples interest. Can I write a title that will act as a teaser and make the reader curious to know more.

    I came across this site recently http://www.bloggers-lounge.co.uk they have some really great tips and ideas.

    So what are you all writing about next?


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