Pack your bags! My ideal bag and what’s inside it.

For me, preparation isn’t necessarily the key, moreover an accessory. Like a wristband, or a slightly odd fitting hat. Wait, let me start again.

For me, preparation is like a slightly odd fitting hat.

However, as much as I’m not an enthusiast in preparation, a good bag full of the right equipment is essential. There has been many times where I wish I had that one object, just like a hat sometimes, rarely comes in handy. I think that for, me, there is a certain formula for that bag, and when you get that right can make a travel trip an unforgettable experience, and not one that’s fitted with nits and bobs and doo-wops that you don’t need.

For me, I hate using modern technology. I want to get away from civilisation, not take it camping with me!

So, to go with the title, what is my ideal bag ?

For me, I want something light and manoeuvrable, allowing free movement yet retaining tight to the body to stop flapping about and leaning away from me, giving excess weight to areas I don’t want. I recommend the Osprey Kestrel 68 M/L Backpack. It provides support and comfort yet doesn’t get in the way, allowing flexible movement all around. Although, in the wild it isn’t a fashion show, Osprey’s sleek design does score it a point.

20140526-095853 pm-79133288.jpg

And, what do I put in it ?

For me, I hate using modern technology. I want to get away from civilisation, not take it camping with me! That’s why I only take perhaps a camera, and that’s it as far as tech goes. I like using the traditional methods. Compass, map and binoculars all have a place in my bag. Next to my notebook and eon for any doodlings or writing I might do whilst out. Many people prefer the modern route, and granted it has it’s advantages. It’s easier, faster and accessible, which is exactly why I don’t want to take it.
I don’t really see the point in modern tech, I prefer the traditional methods because not only does it provide an escape from the use of everyday technology, but it slows everything down. And by slowing everything down you have more time to think and reflect. My bag checklist goes as:

– Map
-Camera (Panasonic T300)
-Lots of chocolate (they’re a great source of energy, that’s the general excuse)

So, there we are. That’s all I need. No fancy tablets or ultralight waterproof shoes. I hope that you follow the same creed, however not everyone will, and that’s perfectly fine. No adventure is the same for any two people and we all strive for our own reasons. But what’s in your bag?


5 thoughts on “Pack your bags! My ideal bag and what’s inside it.

  1. Hi Elliot, thanks for the post! This afternoon, I was wondering what this picture of a backpack is doing so lonely in our media library 🙂
    Do you go hiking when you go traveling? I mostly travel cities, so I usually prefer a normal suitcase. And I am also using maps, but no binoculars – this would look a bit odd in the city.


    • Surprisingly, due to the style of the bag, it doesn’t not look out of place at all (in most circumstances). Granted if you were wearing a sparkling onesie or a Santa Claus outfit it might do, but you probably wouldn’t mind looking a bit more odd. You’ll be surprised at what you can find people wearing when you concentrate.


  2. One of the most important and useful things in our travel bag is a small knife sharpener. We usually stay in self-contained apartments and it’s almost guaranteed that every kitchen knife will be so blunt they are unusable. But with our little you-beaut sharpener that problem is quickly solved.


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