Chimi Lhakhang Temple, Bhutan


This stunning photo was submitted by Tim Dreese of Tim Dreese’s Travel Log and Design Journal.

It was taken during his fascinating trip to the Kingdom of Bhutan, which is situated in South Asia, between India and China.

It shows a fresco of a Bhutanese saint, Drukpa Kunley, which is located at the Chimi Lhakhang Temple near the town of Punakha. Drukpa Kunley was also referred to as The Divine Madman because of his unorthodox ways of teaching Buddhism.
If you want to read more about Tim’s adventures in Bhutan, go here.

Tim is a retired landscape architect/urban planner, who enjoys architecture and design, photography, and anything in the creative field.
He started traveling last year to places on his bucket list. His plan is to go on three to four major trips abroad a year, plus shorter local trips in the US.

His blog Tim Dreese’s Travel Log and Design Journal is focused on describing and showing interesting aspects of his trips. And it includes posts on innovative buildings, graphics, urban planning, or other current state-of-the-art design that he comes across.

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